Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become a member? Are there sign-up fees?

Easy-peasy! Just come into our shop during opening hours and we’ll get you signed up - you can then do a shop right away! There is no sign-up fee to become a member - you only pay (£4.50) each time you do a shop. You don’t need to bring any paperwork to sign up. 

Do I need a voucher or referral to do a shop? 

No! Everyone’s welcome to become a member regardless of your location or economic circumstances. We’ll sign you up to become a member and then you pay £4.50 each time you shop with us.

Everyone’s welcome? Really?

A resounding yes, friends! More members means more people we can reach and less food waste! Tell your neighbours, friends, family, everyone!

Do I need to book an appointment to shop?

No, everyone’s welcome during our shop opening hours without an appointment. We have set aside some times for appointments for those who prefer that, for whatever reason! If you’d like a quieter experience and less of a wait or would like more assistance, feel free to book a shop-by-appointment slot, but it’s absolutely not necessary.

Can I shop more than once a week?

Yes! Once, twice, three times a week, once in a blue moon, it’s all good!

When are the busiest times to come in?

Opening time each day is the busiest time and for the first hour. If you’d like shorter wait times, feel free to come a bit later or book an appointment. We try our best to ensure that you’ll have a good selection and get good value for money at any time.

This all sounds great but I'm not able to make it to the shop. Can you deliver? 

We do operate a delivery service to those who are unable to come into the shop and live nearby. Feel free to contact us to discuss your situation and we’ll see if we can help!