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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become a member? 

Membership at the BFC is free for everyone. We have no joining criteria. You can simply join by either filling in the form on this website or just come into the BFC during opening hours and we’ll get you signed up - you can then do a shop right away! If you join online please mention this to us when you first visit.

How much does a "shop" cost?

Each time you visit you will have to pay £4.50. For this amount you will be able to get up 16 items of food( approx £25 worth)

Can I shop more than once a week?

Yes! Once, twice, three times a week, when we're open you can visit!

Where do you get your food from for BFC?

We are able to keep a large selection of stock thanks to our partners. We receive 3 deliveries a week from FareShare and regular donations from Teds Veg at Borough Market, St John's Bakery and Gails.

If you're non profit why does it cost £4.50?

£4.50 is our membership subscription fee and this covers the costs incurred from buying food for the BFC. All funds generated from members fee's goes straight back into the BFC.

Is the BFC at St George the Martyr Church on Borough High Street?

We are based in the crypt of the church. To find us you will need to go to the back of the church and through the green doors!

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