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Shop Shifts

Shop Volunteer Roles & Responsibilities

Shop days: Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday 10:30-13:00 and 12:30-15:00


These shifts are during opening hours of the shop and involve interaction with our customers, other volunteers, and members of staff.

Tasks include:

• communicating the way that the BFC works to new customers

• helping customers sign up to become members

• greeting customers

• distributing tickets to customers

• chaperoning customers with their shop, adhering to shop guidelines

• operating the till - money handling and understanding of basic retail IT system

• quality control: checking and grading fresh food throughout the day

• visual merchandising the shop floor in compliance with our shop policy

• daily cleaning tasks

• replenishing stock as and when needed

• delivering friendly, inclusive customer service

• maintaining good levels of hygiene in the shop and kitchen.

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